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from 29-Jul-2021 to 26-Aug-2022

We have continued to improve the 'warm introduction' process at Global Chamber® to add more and more value to our members, including post-covid.
What a time to be living, and connecting and growing! Unprecedented!
These new times require a little shift in the way warm introductions are done to facilitate optimum success.
This post summarizes some ways we've modified our approach to meet market needs. Through the last 1-1/2 years we've learned that warm introductions help nearly every business, and for many doing international work, they are an essential supplement to all the other ways we meet people - through 
Doug Bruhnke - Global Chamber®

Premier CBD & Wellness Products

from 27-Jun-2021 to 30-Dec-2021

Let me help you filter through the overwhelm of knowing which wellness products work and which brands to trust.

Let me help you filter through the overwhelm of knowing which wellness products work and which brands to trust.
I’m so excited to introduce you to the Kannaway brand of products that I use and trust myself. They are amazing, all natural and organic, and super convenient to have direct-shipped to your home during these uncertain times.

Micro Molding Capabilities - Material Selection

from 29-Jun-2021 to 31-Jan-2022

Material Selection

Micro molding often involves exotic or highly engineered compounds called thermoplastic resins. Accumold is accustomed to working with micro mold material in many diverse forms such as PEEK, PEI (Ultem®), carbon-filled LCP, or glass-filled nylon. Soft durometer or elastomeric resins also are common.
Selecting the correct micro mold material, resin and thermoplastic is absolutely critical. Micro molding is part science and part art form. True micro molding DFM engineers are constantly navigating the complicated labyrinth that connects OEM demands, with available micro molding resins to accomplish the goals of the project.
Download our Thin Wall White Paper:

Special Offer EasyBusiness-database

from 27-May-2021 to 31-Dec-2021

Special Offer for US & Canadian SMBs

Special Offer- International data
for US & Canadian SMBs
Save 15% on a 3-month subscription to Easybusiness. That's $778. 
Single user, worldwide searches.
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