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IMR’s vision is to enable manufacturing of all sectors and sizes to be leaders in the world of advanced manufacturing so that they can compete and thrive in the global economy. As a leading manufacturing Research &Technology Organisation (RTO) with labs and industrial pilot lines in Dublin and Mullingar, IMR works with leading global and indigenous brands to de-risk and de-mystify new and emerging technologies & to deliver high impact collaborative research. IMR’s ambition is to significantly accelerate the implementation of key elements of Ireland’s industrial strategy and enable Irish based manufacturers to be early adopters and winners in the fourth industrial revolution. IMR will enable industry to capitalise on these opportunities and tackle the threats head-on, through a broad based service offering to ensure industry has access to the latest technologies and knowledge in a timely fashion. IMR’s comprehensive R&D program offers collaboration across the 4 thematic pillars: Digitisation, Automation & Advanced Control, Design for Manufacturing and Sustainable Manufacturing, to deliver solutions that enable industry to increase productivity, improve efficiency, upskill and build resilience, win new business and launch new products. Our Thematic Pillars Digitisation Vision: “Data driven business” Accelerating the evolution towards Industry 4.0 and addressing the full data driven manufacturing paradigm with a twin vision of using data for effective and optimized factory performance and also to enable new business models and revenue streams through value-add services. Automation & Advanced Control Vision: “Self-adaptive autonomous automation” Enabling manufacturers to be globally competitive through step change improvements in productivity and quality manufacturing through automation and robotics. The Mullingar Pilot Lines provide a national test bed for the development of automation and control applications across a broad range of industries. Design for Manufacturing Vision: “Customer-defined Manufacturing” Supporting industry to design and produce using advanced digital toolsets and technologies such as 3D printing, advanced machining and full product lifecycle management, to create novel products and processes designed around great customer experiences. Sustainable Manufacturing Vision: “Zero net carbon Manufacturing” To help industry take a leadership role in creating a low-carbon economy through coalescing thought leadership on many key areas around the Circular Economy, resource efficiency and intelligent energy management. IMR helps industry to optimise and adopt technologies for intelligent factory and supply-chain operations. Services we offer: - Industrial Research - Industry Training Programs and Workshops - Consultancy Services - Specialist Manufacturing Services - Industry Networking - Funding Opportunities - Brokerage and Business Linkages - Incubator - Manufacturing Equipment - Manufacturing Facilities - Projects - IMR Membership

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Sheq Portal Limited, ( )

"SHEQ PORTAL LIMITED was established in 1998 and has been managed and directed by Dr. Dan Gallagher. Our product portfolio includes the Our mai™️ Vendor and Contractor Portal-push all the work associated with managing your vendors and contractors upstream and let us do the heavy lifting with your third party partners. Our simple 3 step approach will transform the way you manage this part of your business Our Online Contractor Safety Induction system allows you to ensure that all your contractors are trained before they arrive at your facility, and you can utilize the non-disclosure agreement, quiz and certificate of completion functionality to make sure that your standards have been met. The Work Permit Software will simplify your permit to work process, integrating multiple types of permits such as hot work, height, confined space entry etc in to one unified system. Real time metrics and a configurable permit approval process will help ensure that all parties are working more safely and in line with your requirements. It is possible to set up access for your contractors to create and view work permits remotely Training and Competence Module. Many companies today keep training records but they do not address the core issues around employee competence. Our software tool makes employee competence assessment a much simpler simple task, and streamlines the basic discipline of maintaining records. If you want to stay compliant with the different ISO management system standards then this is the tool for you! The colour coded indicators allows you to clearly see the status of all the training courses across different departments and for different employees. Safety Hub is an online collection of health and safety videos professionally produced over the last 25 years to cover of 80 different topics. Do you know how to use Netflix? Safety Hub system is just a simple to use and can also be set up to schedule training, conduct quizzes and generate certificates of completion if required. You can use the system to promote different safety messages for example in the canteen and security areas, by running the videos in loop mode and using subtitles as required. Portal, Work Permit Software, Safety Hub, Training and Competence Module."

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