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Our Business Ricoh in your region Ricoh is a global provider of technology that transforms business processes and information management to help organisations be more agile, productive and profitable. Over recent years we have responded to the changing demands of the modern workplace and now provide a full range of end-to-end solutions in the following core areas: Office solutions Commercial and Industrial Printing IT services Managed document services Communication services Advanced manufacturing services Outsourcing services Sustainability management services Application services Workplace services Wherever you are in the world, we have the industry expertise and global reach to support you in achieving your business goals. We take an integrated approach and work closely with our customers to improve and manage document intensive processes. Our objective is to make your business processes more profitable, productive, sustainable and secure. And we’re here every step of the way to help you manage internal change as new systems are introduced. Ricoh Global Established in 1936, Ricoh provides document services, consulting, software and hardware to small and large businesses around the world. We offer a wide range of customisable solutions to suit individual customer and industry needs. Our systems are designed to grow as your business does and our extensive global support network means that you will always have the support you need when and where you need it. All Services Let Ricoh help you optimise, rationalise and revolutionise the way you do business with our range of customisable professional services. Managed Document Services Production Printing Services IT Services Innovation Since our early days, Ricoh’s spirit of innovation has fuelled our collective imagination, and continues to do so as the workplace evolves. Office printers and fax Industry-leading, energy-efficient technology for offices of all sizes. Laser office printers All-in one printers Single function printers Digital Duplicators Fax Machines More Information on our Products Our products and services Laser office Printers All in one Printers Single Function Printers Digital Duplicators Fax Machines Production Printers Cutsheet Printers Continuous Fee Printers Wide Format Printers Large Format Printers Audio Visual Systems Projectors Interactive Whiteboards Video Conferencing Systems 3D Printers Direct to Garment Printers Office Software Production Printing Software Mobile Apps Digital Cameras Print Supplies Media and Paper Print Consumables

  • Coated and laminated paper and board
  • Paper, coated, for photocopiers
  • Paper and board, graphic design use, for printing...



IMR’s vision is to enable manufacturing of all sectors and sizes to be leaders in the world of advanced manufacturing so that they can compete and thrive in the global economy. As a leading manufacturing Research &Technology Organisation (RTO) with labs and industrial pilot lines in Dublin and Mullingar, IMR works with leading global and indigenous brands to de-risk and de-mystify new and emerging technologies & to deliver high impact collaborative research. IMR’s ambition is to significantly accelerate the implementation of key elements of Ireland’s industrial strategy and enable Irish based manufacturers to be early adopters and winners in the fourth industrial revolution. IMR will enable industry to capitalise on these opportunities and tackle the threats head-on, through a broad based service offering to ensure industry has access to the latest technologies and knowledge in a timely fashion. IMR’s comprehensive R&D program offers collaboration across the 4 thematic pillars: Digitisation, Automation & Advanced Control, Design for Manufacturing and Sustainable Manufacturing, to deliver solutions that enable industry to increase productivity, improve efficiency, upskill and build resilience, win new business and launch new products. Our Thematic Pillars Digitisation Vision: “Data driven business” Accelerating the evolution towards Industry 4.0 and addressing the full data driven manufacturing paradigm with a twin vision of using data for effective and optimized factory performance and also to enable new business models and revenue streams through value-add services. Automation & Advanced Control Vision: “Self-adaptive autonomous automation” Enabling manufacturers to be globally competitive through step change improvements in productivity and quality manufacturing through automation and robotics. The Mullingar Pilot Lines provide a national test bed for the development of automation and control applications across a broad range of industries. Design for Manufacturing Vision: “Customer-defined Manufacturing” Supporting industry to design and produce using advanced digital toolsets and technologies such as 3D printing, advanced machining and full product lifecycle management, to create novel products and processes designed around great customer experiences. Sustainable Manufacturing Vision: “Zero net carbon Manufacturing” To help industry take a leadership role in creating a low-carbon economy through coalescing thought leadership on many key areas around the Circular Economy, resource efficiency and intelligent energy management. IMR helps industry to optimise and adopt technologies for intelligent factory and supply-chain operations. Services we offer: - Industrial Research - Industry Training Programs and Workshops - Consultancy Services - Specialist Manufacturing Services - Industry Networking - Funding Opportunities - Brokerage and Business Linkages - Incubator - Manufacturing Equipment - Manufacturing Facilities - Projects - IMR Membership

  • Business management consultants
  • Business development consultants
  • Enterprise and manufacturing resource planning (ERP, MRP) consultants...


CityPOST is the largest independent postal services company in Ireland, and the low cost provider for Post & Parcel Delivery Solutions. CityPOST has real Postal collectors, real Postal delivery personnel, actually delivering to over 1 million letterboxes per week. The company has been serving it's business customers for the last 30 years, and that includes delivering your phonebooks since 2002, as well as numerous pieces of important government correspondence, such as the National Distribution of the Rules of the Road and the Lisbon Treaty.From the Group’s first humble beginnings in 1987 in a small back office delivering newspapers, to a new state of the art postal mail center in Greenogue, Co. Dublin and 15 regional centers around the country designed to support national businesses spread across the island.Now it has the largest mail handling & Delivery capability in Portugal, Ireland, & Northern Ireland outside of the state’s Postal Provider.The Group is uniquely positioned to provide a low cost alternative Postal Solution to the Business Community and the Public in all three Markets.We are rolling out a range of Innovative Postal services in Ireland and we will provide all the core mail handling operations and we offer a range of low cost options for non-time sensitive deliveries. We can manage the mail handling requirements of any business, and are equipped to handle every major postal category, including letters, parcels and publications delivery, as well as international mail handling.

  • Postal and courier services
  • Courier services, national
  • Courier services, international parcels

Betty and Biddy

Betty and Biddy is an online jewellery emporium founded by two Irish women. The bread and butter of their offerings are gem-tastic costume necklaces and ornate bracelets, which they source directly from international suppliers, therefore cutting out the middleman and saving their customers from high markups. Betty and Biddy are best mates. Lost as children and raised by magpies, these chicks like shiny, bright and sparkly objects. It has become their duty and sole purpose in life to bring you some very special, quirky and fresh pieces. We buy in the most fashion forward and trendy pieces for you to style and enjoy. We provide a speedy service for one and all to enjoy these fast accessory trends. We believe we have a savvy and stylish eye for accessories, as we ourselves our obsessed by them. Betty and Biddy have recently launched our own Everyday range. Delicate necklaces inspired from what we believe our customers want and created to be layered and styled. As we develop this range, we hope you enjoy. Betty is a one stop shop jack of all trades, I’m not saying this makes her wonder woman, but it’s worth noting that they’ve never actually been seen in the same place at the same time. Betty also likes to wear blue and red, just saying. Biddy is the yang to Betty's ying. Just like Batman's Robin, but better cause she's female and drives her own car. Together, these two rogue rascals want to invite you to join them in their bejewelled land and enjoy enhancing yourself with their unique and loved style.

  • Fashion houses
  • Jewellery, fashion designer
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