Synchro bike [Non-interactive model] | fitness bike of VR Carver Inc.


Description of the Product

"More realistic, More exciting"
"Ride into the futrue"
Non-interactive Model for fitness : 360° Rotation bikes that maximize presence and exercise.
NON-Interactive model
① Like riding a real bike indoors
-Bikes moving forward / backward / left / right as you tilt
-Realistic movement with free posture and gaze

② Have fun with various contents.
-360 ° rotation of the entire device for easy viewing of VR content
-Users can enjoy the content what they want besides VR

③ Certain exercise effect
-You can exercise whole-body aerobic by chaning of direction and enjoying your Exercise by spinning dancing.

# indoor bike | fitness bike | exercise bike

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

Non-interactive Model does not require power.

Front and rear angle(pitch) : -7°~7°
Right and left angle(Roll) : -5°~5°
Rotation angle(Yaw) : -60°~60°
Vibrating : None

Product Size(L/W/H) : 1130 x 920 x 1520(mm)
Product Weight : Around 70kg

Device interlink contents : None