Snow Flower Pore Titening Skin of RNS Inc.


Description of the Product

* 42 oriental medicinal complex 
- Improves well-tone skin + Gives a gloss on the skin, Boosts skin resilience
- Whitening – Paeonia Lactiflora Bark/sap extract, Atractyloides Japonica Rhizome Extract, white ginseng
- Wrinkle improve – Adlay, mung bean, white bean, buckwheat, barely, rice bran
- Resilience – Snow fungus, cordyceps militaris
- Transparency – Apricot kernel, peach kernel, Chrysanthemum Indicum Flower Extract
- Skin texture – Nelumbo nucifera seed, Bambusae caulis in taeniam, forsythia fruit

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

* Dual functionality of Whitening / Wrinkle improvement 
* A successful completion for the skin irritation test
* For all skin types + Intensive Pore Tightening Care Line