OHL Herbal Peeling Set | acne of JNL CO., LTD.


Description of the Product

OHL Herbal Peeling set controls sebum secretion and treats acne and acne scars. Also, it reduces enlarged pores, freckles, blemishes, and dark spots. Supplements your skin with abundant minerals and nourishes skin. Excellent in moisturizing as it removes old dead skin cells and helps peeling powder particles to penetrate deep into the skin. It maintains an excellent moisturizing capability that makes your skin firm and radiant. It is excellent for dry and sensitive skins. It keeps moisture, calms down, and improves skin tone. OHL Herbal peeling set is a perfect solution in juvenile and adult acne  treatments. Amazingly cures early pimples, acne, and acne scars. Soothes, moisturizes,and brightens the skin tone. Reduces fine wrinkles. 

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

1. We acquired Korean Patent for the O.H.L Herbal Set through the technical join effort with Dongkuk University, South Korea.
2. Japanese Professional Beauty Magazine
《ESTHETIC WIRED》 2018 Best seller.
3. Application: Acne & trouble skin type caused by Acne; Break up the itch of whole part of body caused by Atopy, inflammation; Chloasma; Dark Spots; Excellent Whitening; Skin of Blood Circulation Difficulty; Pure & Keratin Skin Type; Trouble Skin; Aging Skin; All kinds of Scar (caused by Acne & Burn (Scald) etc.); Fine-Wrinkle Skin Type; Cellulate Line; Pregnant Line or Stressed Skin ; Dry, Oily, Super Sensitive and whole type of skin & All Generations.