Lotus Ceramide Body Cream 150ml of RNS Inc.


Description of the Product

01. Purifying the skin with the ingredients extracted from Lotus Flower
- Sunflower seed oil (rich protein, prevents the skin’s moisture from evaporating)
- Olive oil ( prevents unsaturated fatty acids from drying and revitalizes the skin)
- Camelia oil ( Oleic acid similar to skin composition, protects skin and prevents skin oxidation)
- Macadamia seed oil ( Rich in palmito-phosphoric acid improves barrier function and soothes the tired skin)

02. Ceramide enhancing skin barrier and maximizing the moisturizing effect
- Blocks the dehydrating from the skin, Functions as skin repair and Improves skin disease, Anti-aging

03. Prompt trouble improvement of Soothing Complex TM = called Detox
< Centella asiatica, propolis, Anemarrhena rhizome, burdock seed, Lotus seed, Forsythia suspensa, Platycodon grandiflorum root, Lonicera japonica > 

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Price of the Product

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Technical Details

* Skin sensitivity tested, Intensive-trouble care line + Highly enriched moisturizing

The product is recommended if : 
  • Your skin is sensitive and dry and your skin has become tough 
  • You are suffering from Skin problems due to frequent exposure to harmful environmental factors
  • You want nutrition and moisturization while improving problems
  • You are looking for a safe prescription containing plenty of natural ingredients