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Description of the Product

SAMOO’s high frequency spindle is a precision spindle that can be used at high speed from 3,000rpm to 125,000rpm
It is a custom-made spindle that can be applied to all kinds of industries such as machine tools, cylindrical grinding machines, engravers, and LCD glass grinding, woodworking machines, graphite processing machines, tooth processing machines, and semiconductor holl substrate processing.
The characteristics of the SAMWOO  products are summarized in two ways:
1)Shaft stiffness
Just as the core of the machine is the spindle, the core of the spindle is the shaft. Rich machining experience and material knowledge are different from other companies in making shafts.  In SAMWOO, four times for shaft rigidity.
It undergoes a heat treatment process
SAMWOO’s pride is a strong shaft that can withstand even heavy crashes.
2) Low Vibration
For high frequency spindles that require high speed rotation, the bearing life determines the quality. The bearing life suggested by the bearing company may end up in about half of the service life or even longer than the service lkfe, depending on the spindle assembly technology. Our company has special know-how in assembly technology. Stable assembly leads to low vibration and long life. SAMWOO Spindle with long lifespan is recognized as the best product in Korea with high satisfaction from users.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details


The quality of the grinding spindle that must be precise depends on its vibration and its accurancy.
The grinding process is also the last step of machining, and there are also slight vibrations and defects in the shaft runout
                                                                                                                       This grinding process is also called a processing flower.
Samwoo spindle is the best performance for the most precise grinding field.
                                                                                                               Samwoo's main product, grinding spindle, maintains the same level of quality as European products.
                                                                                                                      Since the beginning of the business, we have focused on minimizing vibration deviations for each product by recognizing that vibration is the biggest factor in shortening spindle life.
We assembled our products one by one to find the optimum conditions for each product, and the Samwoo spindle is now the most preferred spindle for the field users.                                                                                                                          Now, we are competing with European products in the same market.                                        ▣ Tool interface : Taper / Straight / PC / HSK E(A,C) / SK                                                                  ▣ Motor power : 0.1 ~ 40KW                                                                                 ▣ Out put : 3,000~60,000rpm