HBCARPENTRY Great Pamor White Kitchen Set - Premium Large Wooden Furniture & Toy Kitchen for kids of FTCUBIC


Description of the Product

The Great Palmor White Kitchen is the best model of HB Carpentry brand. This product is designed for natural functions of play kid’s kitchen with various functions and also loved by lots of parents as an Interior furniture design. As a separate product for refrigerators and sinks, it has been popular with consumers since its launch.

- Let the kids enjoy being a chef in the realistic furniture play kitchen set. Wooden toy kitchen including well-made parts with various functions make kids feel in the real kitchen.

✔SPACIOUS STORAGE – Don't you have enough room for storage? You can keep toys and other miscellaneous stuffs that your kids love in the plenty of storage space.

✔IHIGH TECH EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL - High tech toy smartphone and stoves with various sounds(melodies and voices) give a joy of learning by pressing the buttons.

✔LONG LASTING HIGH QUALITY – It is made of sturdy wooden construction for safety. It uses tougher and thicker panel than other ordinary wooden kitchen. You can pass it down to the next generation or siblings or neighbors.

✔SPACE EFFICIENCY - According to the space and kid’s needs, sink and refrigerator can be separated or together freely.

✔SIMPLE & Modern DESIGN - Simple and modern designs go well anywhere in the house and not get tired of them. 

3. Signature Parts
Moving Ice Maker : LED lights and various sound effects, adjustable temperature number LED panel and   function keys.
Smartphone : English and Korean dula languages support, Diverse sound effect and LED button, Camera light.
Faucet : 100% Aluminium faucet, 360° rotating water taps(hot/cold), Gold and siver colors, Firm and solid main screw inside for durability.  
Stove : LED light, siszling and simmering sound for realistic cooking, automatic LED light and sound effect by putting a frying pna or pot on the stove.
Sink : Large space to put toys in, removable for cleaning, Over 2mm thickness for safety, find quality of paint.
Sink Dial : 360° rotating dials make clicking sound, neat rounding edge for safety, fine quality of paint
Knobs : Thick screw inside make knobs firm, perfect match for kid's hands to grip, Fine quality of paint
Home bar of Refrigerator : Spacious storage 
Oven : Seperable storage board, a silk screen that allows kids to look inside 
Microwave : Transparent window that allows kids to look inside, realistic picture-button
Dish Plate Rack : Nice space for Toy plate to be placed in the right position
Chopping board : Rounding design and solid wood board
Tower Rack : Good space for hanging towels or apron

4. Who we are!
HBCarpentry is here to create precious memories for kids and parents.
We are an expertise in kid's toys and furniture with long term experience in distribution and manufacture. Aiming to high quality luxury brand in specialized kitchen playsets and the accessories fulfilling all requirement of consumers' need.
With upgrading each parts, we are striving to achieve customer delight beyond customer satisfaction.
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Price and payment

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Characteristics of the Product

  • Type kitchen Toys Set
  • Model Great Pamor White Kitchen
  • Dimension 20.08 * 14.57 * 43.31 inches
  • Certification ISO 9001
  • Origin China, Korea

Technical Details

Age : 3+
Material : MDF , Acryl, Plastic, Stainless steel
Color : White or Pink
Weight : Sink - 23 Kg
Refrigerator - 25 Kg
Dimensions : Sink - 80 * 37 * 108.5 cm
Refrigerator -51 * 36.5 * 110.5 cm
Origin : Wooden parts – China
Other specialized parts (plastic, stainless, acryl) - Korea