Hasimjung Raw Hoengseong Deodok Extract | Deodeok of Hoengseong Insam Farm Corporation


Description of the Product

It's grown directly from the pristine area.
 This is a brand you can trust.
It only uses the three-year-old deodeok( Codonopsis lanceolata) that it has grown for itself.

It tastes sweet and clean with only deodeok( Codonopsis lanceolata) without any additives.
we brew well-dried Deodeok in purified water of 85°C degrees for 48 hours and pack in each pouch.

Stuffing coughs stop and bronchitis, sore throat, respiratory tract
It's good for your health.
It is good for detoxification, irregular menstruality, and skin beauty.
 It is good for high blood pressure and constipation

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Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Characteristics of the Product

  • Brand Hoengseong Insam Farm

Technical Details

 80ml * 30EA