Hasimjung Fermented Black Deodok Extract | Natural Products of Hoengseong Insam Farm Corporation


Description of the Product

Hasimjung Fermented  Black Deodok Extract is a reliable healthy juice made by adding black deodok, samultang soup(angelica,cnidiumofficinale MALINO, peony root, rehmanniaeradix preparata),pear, and jujube,and Extractinng
them for 48hours at low-temperature.
Black deodok is made by steaming representative specialty,
Hoengseongdeodok and fermenting and processing it.

Stuffing coughs stop and bronchitis, sore throat, respiratory tract
It's good for your health.
It strengthens internal organs such as stomach, lungs, and spleen.
wear off one's fatigue
It is good for detoxification, irregular menstruality, and skin beauty.
 It is good for high blood pressure and constipation.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Technical Details

 80ml * 30EA