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Description of the Product

Gutting machine description.
If you process fish that weighs between 0,8 and 5 kg, GUTMASTER 3000 is the perfect choice for you. The design of the machine allows gutting of different fish sizes without having to make any adjustments on the machine. This thoroughly tested 16-step system is included in the standard GUTMASTER 3000 and both knives and brushes are adjusted to the size of each fish.

GUTMASTER 3000 is able to process many different fish since the cup, in which the fish is placed, is designed to fit any fish species. This also facilitates the feeding of the fish into the machine.
GUTMASTER 3000 is particularly useful in factories that process fish roe as well, because the machine is available as a roe model too. A GUTMASTER 3000 roe model is open in the middle to allow the operator to remove the roe and internal organs before gutting the fish.

GUTMASTER 3000 can also be supplied in a design that allows it to process fish with a weight of up to 5 kg. The model is designed for wild salmon like pink and chum salmon. Kroma A/S has also supplied this model in versions designed for processing American catfish as well as tuna fish.
There are lots of extra accessories that can be fitted to the machine. The integrated head cutter is very popular in the wild salmon industry as it makes an “Alaska Premium cut”.

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Technical Details

Up to 35 fish per minute, various valocities
Trout, salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, tuna, catfish etc
Fish between 0.8 to 5.0 kg distributed on 3 models