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Description of the Product

GRADEMASTER description.
The GRADEMASTER is Kromas grading system. The GRADEMASTER can be a small compact unit or it can have a number of chutes, making it ideal for your production setup. The system can be delivered as a size-sorting unit or as a batch-sorting unit. There is a touch screen on the machine and you can design your different sorting programs from the touch screen. The control has a large memory, capable of storing 99 different sorting programs.
The grader can be designed with trap doors to give you the most flexible grader possible. The size of the trap doors can be designed to your specifications.
It is possible to add a label printer solution to the grader. The label printer can be designed differently based on requirements. The printer is always installed in housing so the lid can be closed for daily cleaning.
The GRADEMASTER can be delivered as a marine version. The SW for the marine grader solution is designed to withstand the weather and still be accurate.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Up to 60 fish per minute, various velocities
Fish species:
Salmon, Mackerel, Trout, Seabass, Seabream, Tilapia, others on request
Working range:
Fish between 0.15 and 1.5 kg