Free-100 mini | dental suction instrument of Ko-max Co.,Ltd.


Description of the Product

It is a machine that can prevent aerosol infections in places other than the hospital, such as dentists, internal medicine, dermatology, beauty salons, nail shops, and massage shops.

Model no : Free - 100 min
Dimensions : 270mm(W) x 640mm(D) x 275mm(H)
Box dimensions : 380mm(W) x 425mm(D) x 1010mm(H)
Power supply : single phase AC 200V~240V / 50~60Hz/100V~130V / 50~60Hz
Output power(W) : 1,200W(120V), 1,200W(230V)
Electrical current(A) : 220V 6A / 110V 15A
Air flow : 3.9m3/min
Air pressure : 3.0Kpa(Ø40) / 10Kpa(Ø25) / 22.5Kpa(Ø10)
Filter : 1st filter (Medium dust filter)
2nd filter (Super bio hapa & ulpa filter)99.97~99.995%
3rd filter (Air filter)
Noise level : approx. 49~65db
Free arm size : 1,600mm / Free arm box size : 710mm x 235mm x 280mm
Free arm weight : approx. 1.2kg / Free arm box weight : approx. 2.7kg
Weight : approx. 27kg / Box Weight : approx. 28kg
Control mode : Step 1~12, filter cleaning mode(200T)
Basic components : Main body, 3 joint free arm, power cord, O Type hood, 1st spare filter
Accessories : Aluminum hood, L Type hood, Hood holder, UV LED lamp, Remote controller, Plasma ionizer Remarks
Plaese check the product information before using the electricity in your area. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Price of the Product

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