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Description of the Product

DERMAROLLER is a new concept roller-type skin treatment device for EP (electroporation). Using NNN™(need no needle) technology that applies innovative complex intermediate frequencies, it is designed to facilitate cosmetics'absorption into skin more effectively.
DERMAROLLER™ has totally unique features compared to existing simple ion injectors. This product uses EP technology and it is not an ion injector. The existing ion injectors only deliver a very small amount of ionizable matters, such as vitamin C, into skin, through galvanic ion. DERMAROLLER™, however, uses the up-to-date EP technology with intermediate frequencies to deliver cosmetics' moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients directly into skin.
Dermaroller (DR-A) using the principle of Electroporation this item amazingly easy penetrates cosmetic active components such as Collagen, Hyaluroante Acid, Oligo-Nucleotide, Peptide and nature extract ingredients into skin deep tissues without using any needle and inflicting any pain.
Electroporation(EP) without chaging the structure and function of biological cell penetrates into skin tissues various kind of active cosmetic substances by non-chemical method.

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Price of the Product

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Characteristics of the Product

  • Brand AMAROS

Technical Details

NNN™ technology is the cutting-edge EP (electroporation) technology that delivers three complex intermediate frequencies into skin between two electrodes of the roller. With three types of complex pulses in intermediate frequency EP, it instantly forms poreson the double membrane of skin phospholipid, facilitating cosmetics'absorption into skin cells through the pore channels. The pore channels close when complex pulses stop, which consequentially leads to cosmetics injection into skin without using a needle.
1. Three Mode intermediate-Frequency EP(Electroporation) treatment gives multifunctional Effectivenss to your skin : Moistrurising, Whitening, Anti-Aging
2. NNN™(Need No Needle) Technology with MP(Mesoporation)-Aging Skin Care Effectivenss without any pain
3. Gold Plated Roller Head-EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation)with Lifting-up Massage Effectivenss
*Dermaroller Treatment Mode 3 in 1
DERMAROLLER™ EP : Protable item which helps skin to absorb more effectively cosmetic active components into deep skin tissues.
DERMAROLLER™ MP : No Needle-No pain technology helps to penetrate into skin dermis cosmetic components without any pain and stress.
DERMAROLLER™ EMS : Contract muscles, making skin tissues vitalized.