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Description of the Product

SAMWOOnanotech’s CNC Router is capable of 2D and 3D processing of all materials such as acrylic, aluminum, wood, and metal, and is particularly suitable for processing sheet materials of various materials including plate size 3x8, 4x8.
All machining processes such as roughing, finishing and tapping can be performed on one machine, and the 28t reinforcement unit maintains precision and rigidity without shaking even at high speeds.
The leading spindle also features motor power reinforcement and power reinforcement grippers for the highest speed, precision and cutting power in its class.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Working stroke(mm): 2,440x1,220x220
Machine size(x,y,z)(mm): 4,200x2,500x2,700
Machine weight(kg): 4,000
Moving device:  Ball screw, LM guide
Moving speed(mm/min): 30,000
Position precision(mm): ±0.01
Repeat precision(mm): ±0.005
Spindle Housing diameter(mm): 150
Motor power(S1)(kw): 12
Speed(rpm): 16,000
Cooling system:  Water
ATC Tool interface: BT40(clamping force:12KN)
Tool quantity(pcs): 8(option:10~12)
Tool diameter(mm): 2.75~16
Axis motor:  AC servomotor
Controller: 3D high speed machine tool CNC
Operation: 17” touch screen