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Description of the Product

The CNC high speed machine equipped with SAMWOO's strong and precise spindles considered practicality instead of brilliant appearance.
SAMWOO's CNC high speed machine equipped with 7 automatic tool changers on a relatively small machine of 1,200x1,670x1,800(mm) is a space-efficient machine that can tap without encoder while rotating at 40,000rpm(HSK25).
In particular, it is possible to process not only metal, glass, aluminum, rubber, but also NAK-80 material, which is a mold material, and it is SAMWOO's leading product that satisfies all economic, durability, space efficiency, and precision applied in various fields.

Price of the Product

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Technical Details

Working stroke(mm): 400x400x200
Table size(mm): 400x420
Machine size(W,L,H)(mm): 1,400x1,600x2,000
Machine weight(kg): 1,500
Position precision(mm): ±0.01
Repeat precision(mm): ±0.005
Housing diameter(mm): 80
Motor power(S1)(kw): 3.3
Max speed(rpm): 40,000
Cooling system:  Water
Tool interface:  HSK E25(option:HSK E32)
Tool quantity(pcs): 12
tool diameter(mm): 1~10
Axis motor:  AC servomotor
controller:  3D high speed machine tool CNC
operation:  17” touch screen