Beef Bulgogi Marinade | Korean sauce of KOREASAUCE CO., LTD.


Description of the Product

It is an important spice used to make Korean traditional food, "Bulgogi", and it is made by mixing soy sauce and various ingredients, which are traditional Korean spices.
It is a product that has developed into a favorite food for people around the world as a food that is heated by mixing with beef and eating, and it is expected that many products will be exported in the future. 

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Price of the Product

Price not indicated

Characteristics of the Product

  • Type Sauce
  • Model Beef Bulgogi Marinade
  • Size 1box * 50ea
  • Weight 150g

Technical Details

Product size
1box * 50ea

Product Type
Sauce (Sterilized) 

Package Quantity : 150g
Suggested Storage : Heat sensitive, Store at room temperature (1~35℃)

Category of the Product