Artificial Turf (NF35) Dual Grass of Field Master Co., Ltd.


Description of the Product

Dual yarns, different materials and shapes(1st monofilament yarn + 2nd crimped yarn) 
Our NF series are a dual grass. the crimped 2nd grass yarns create a stabilized zone, which provides cushioning for the athlete and support for the taller polyethylene grass yarns. the taller grass yarns give the surface its softness and grass-like appearance.     Productiond of two colored yarns is one stage  
Our monofilaments production system concepts allow for the production of two coloured yarns in one stage. The direct two-colour extrusion of artificial grass filaments has become well accepted to our clients due to specifically developedspin heads. the possibility of combining various colours, different monofilament cross-section and filament thicknesses allow the production of turf carpets and fulfills the requirements that are made on the different artificial turf types.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated