Artificial Turf (Master55) of Field Master Co., Ltd.


Description of the Product

Our long pile artificial turf is specifically designed to set a new standard is spirts fields. After much innovation work, Our R&D department has prodiced this                      
next generation turf :   
  • New raw material: polyethylene is the well-known raw material but in a different blend the way for higher resilience and a softer touch. And also improved sports performances like ball roll, bound behavior, more comfortable sliding tackles,                                        
  • Soft feeling, but strong: each grass yarn monofilament has a high density of more than 2.200 Dtex. The grass yarn is composed of six of those filaments, resulting in an overall density of 13.200 Dtex.                                                                                
This further improves the product's life expectancy.

Price of the Product

Price not indicated