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Palsgaard A/S, the inventor of the modern food emulsifier, was established
in 1919, and still has its headquarters where it all began: in a 600-year old
manor house complete with moat and surrounding park, forests and farmland.
Proud traditions of quality and craftsmanship underlie today's broad product
range, which includes high-performing emulsifiers and stabilizers for margarine,
bakery, dairy, ice cream, soy, confectionery and fine foods as well as functional
agents for polymer applications. Emphasis is placed on effectiveness, innovation
and strict food safety procedures.
Sustainability and the use of pure raw materials have been close to Palsgaard's
heart from the very beginning. This is reflected in our production facilities around
the world, including state-of-the-art factories in Denmark, Malaysia, Netherlands,
Mexico and China, and in the company's commitment to global initiatives such as
RSPO-certified sustainable palm oil.

An important cornerstone in Palsgaard's business is our well-equipped Application
Centers in Singapore, China, USA, Mexico, and Denmark (as well as one under
construction in Dubai). The centers cover all the major food application areas, offering
a uniquely personal service where specific needs and preferences - and the realities
of local markets are in focus. Typically, a Palsgaard application center comprises
a fully equipped industrial facility where realistic industrial pilot tests can be carried out.
This unique setup facilitates proper up-scaling and vastly increases the likelihood of
success in the marketplace.

Already in 1908, long before "Corporate Social Responsibility" was conceptualized;
Palsgaard's founder Einar Viggo Schou emphasized the importance of acting
responsibly and caringly towards the company's employees and families - and
the importance of extending this responsibility to society. His principles have
meant that Palsgaard has worked with CSR as a core activity for more than a century.
We are active in over 100 countries, bringing with us a strong sense of responsibility
to act in ways that benefit local and global environments and which are in line with our
founding principles. We've set an overall target of becoming CO2-neutral by 2020.
That's an ambitious target for a company with energy-intensive production processes,
but it's just another of the ways in which we care for our world.

Palsgaard has served the global food processing industry for decades and our
continued ability to serve our customers is ensured by the company's status as a
self-owning foundation with significant financial assets, which allows the company
to take a long-term view with focus on experience, credibility and thorough knowhow
of customers' processes and challenges.

Palsgaard's product range covers these areas:
Emulsifiers for industrial bakery
Emulsifiers for cake mixes
Emulsifiers for retail mixes
Emulsifiers for chocolate and compounds
Emulsifiers for extruded ice cream
Emulsifiers for moulded ice cream
Emulsifiers for sorbet
Stabilizers for extruded ice cream
Stabilizers for moulded ice cream
Stabilizers for sorbet
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for dairy products
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for fermented products
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for cream cheese
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for yogurt
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for recombined milk
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for chocolate milk
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for aerated desserts
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for creams
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for UHT whipping creams
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for UHT coffee creams
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for sweetened condensed milk
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for mayonnaise
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for low-fat mayonnaise
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for salad mayonnaiseEmulsifiers and stabilizers
for dressings
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for sauces
Emulsifiers for processed meat
Emulsifiers for margarineEmulsifiers for low fat spreads
Emulsifiers for table margarine
Emulsifiers for liquid margarineEmulsifiers for frying margarine
Emulsifiers for puff pastry margarineEmulsifiers for cake margarine
Emulsifiers for cream margarine
Emulsifiers for bakery margarine
Emulsifiers for liquid margarine
Emulsifiers for liquid shortenings
Emulsifiers for solid shortenings
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for soy drinks
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for soy milk
Emulsifiers and stabilizers for soy ice
Anti-static agents for polypropylene and polyethylene
Anti-fogging agents for polypropylene and polyethylene
Dispersing aids
Functional agents for master batches and polymers
Viscosity control
Mould release
Slip additives

Palsgaard produces these types of emulsifiers
Ammonium phosphatide (E442)
Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (E471)
Lactic acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (E472b)
Citric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (E472c)
Polyglycerol esters of fatty scids (E475)
Polyglycero polyriceneolate (E476)
Sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate (E481)
Calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate (E482)

General Information

Year established 1919
Corporate capital 5,000,000 DKK
Type of company Head Office
VAT DK26447038
Fax +45 76 82 76 83
Website http://www.palsgaard.com http://polymers.palsgaard.com


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    Functional agents for masterbatches and polymer applications


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Jakob Thøisen

CEO - Chief Executive Officer (Administrerende direktør)

Henrik Højager Nielsen

Manager (Direktion)

Palle Hansen

Manager (Direktion)

Allan Sandbeck

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Torben Dahl-Hansen

Manager (Direktion)

Birger Brix

Chairman (Bestyrelsesformand)

Rasmus Christiansen

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Mette Marciniak Mikkelsen

Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

Dennis Jørgensen

Purchasing Director/Manager (Indkøb)

Allan Sandbech

Sales Director/Manager (Salg)

Allan Sandbech

Marketing Director/Manager (Marketing)

Henrik Højager Nielsen

Production Director/Manager (Produktion)

Maiken Lorensen

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