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Hudens Bio Participation at the AEEDC 2023 Exhbition


Hudens Bio Participation at the AEEDC 2023 Exhbition
Hudens Bio Participation at the AEEDC 2023 Exhbition

Start date:  06 February 2023 23:54

End date:  09 February 2023 11:54

Location: Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Hudens Bio Co., Ltd. will participate in the AEEDC Dubai 2022 Exhibition held at Dubai World Trade Centre
Date: February 7th, Tuesday 2023 to February 9th, Thursday 2023 (3 Days)
Time: 10:00~18:00
Venue: Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre
AEEDC Website:

Hudens Bio Website:  

Hudens Bio is
     • The Only company in Korea that manufactures all 3 major fields of dental material components (bone substitutes, polymeric resins, dental porcelain and ceramics, and also, dental burs and alloys). 
     • The Only company to manufacture whole-body structured carbide burs in Korea
     • The First company to succeed in domestic production of resins and dental porcelain/ceramics in Korea

Bontree, Synthetic bone graft material
The World's First and Only Commercialized Synthetic Bone Graft Product with OCP minerals (exclusively patented technology)
• High content of OCP minerals
• 100% Synthetic, free from concerns of infectious diseases or immune rejection
• Delivers 2~3 times higher osteoconductivity and initial bone generation results, compared to other bone grafts
• Excellent biodegradability and existing pore characteristics provide space for easy new bone in-growth
• Good manipulation and Easy to use

For reference, please find the attached brochure and visit our company website.

If you are interested in our products, please stop by our booth. We will be at your assistance for any inquiry you may have. 
If you have any questions about this exhibition, please feel free to contact us.