Jul 28 2021
New office opening

AUTOCRYPT Brings V2X and In-Vehicle Security to Europe with New Munich Office

Date: 28 July 2021 04:20

End: 29 July 2021 04:20

MUNICH, June 28, 2021 -- AUTOCRYPT Co., Ltd., a leading mobility security solutions provider, announced the opening of its first European office in Munich, Germany in June 2021.
The new office, AUTOCRYPT Technologies GmbH, is expected to play a key role in the company's active work with European OEMs on building V2X, in-vehicle, and Plug&Charge security solutions, as well as its ongoing discussions to participate in the development of Europe's Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).
Currently in talks with several European OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers on establishing business development and joint R&D partnerships, AUTOCRYPT chose Munich as its first European hub for its strategic location on the continent. Sitting at the center of both an automotive powerhouse and a massive transcontinental road network, Munich is an ideal contact location for European-based C-ITS developments and Plug&Charge initiatives.
"Europe will play a large role in the mobility revolution, which will require comprehensive security. Hence our goal is to introduce AUTOCRYPT's world-class technologies and solutions in V2X, in-vehicle, and Plug&Charge to European OEMs, suppliers, and regulators," said Daniel ES Kim, AUTOCRYPT's CEO and co-Founder. "We expect the Munich office to bring us closer to our business partners in Europe, serving as a solid foundation for our long-term plans."
As the sole V2X security provider for South Korean C-ITS projects, AUTOCRYPT's V2X-PKI technology goes beyond the standards of the SCMS and the EU CCMS, with one platform issuing certificates for both. It has also built several in-vehicle security solutions for global OEMs in compliance with the UNECE's WP.29 regulations on cybersecurity. Along with its crucial role in constructing security architecture for autonomous driving, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is also essential for Plug&Charge in accordance with ISO 15118. As one of the fastest-growing EV markets with over 280,000 public charging points, Europe is at the center of Plug&Charge development.
AUTOCRYPT plans to continue strengthening its partnerships with European EV manufacturers, EVSE manufacturers, and charge point operators to secure communication points between vehicles and charging infrastructure. With rising demand for automotive cybersecurity solutions, AUTOCRYPT's end-to-end approach to security allows for companies to easily navigate the complexities of the new mobility landscape.
Jun 16 2021

AUTOCRYPT partners with University of Windsor’s SHIELD Automotive Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence

Date: 16 June 2021 04:49

End: 17 June 2021 04:49

Contact details global@autocrypt.io.

TORONTO, ONTARIO – Electric vehicle and autonomous vehicle cybersecurity provider AUTOCRYPT announced that the company had officially partnered with the SHIELD Automotive Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence, hosted by the University of Windsor, to prioritize research and development in securing connected and autonomous vehicles.
As automotive technology evolves to become more autonomous and electrified, threats to the technology have seen exponential increase. Awareness of the threats, however, is limited as futuristic technology can be sensationalized. AUTOCRYPT is a leading automotive security provider, focused on not only raising awareness of the need to prioritize security, but also providing award-winning, comprehensive security solutions to mitigate those risks.
AUTOCRYPT has thus far secured over 5000 kilometres of smart highways and roadways throughout the peninsula, winning C-ITS contracts for the entire nation. Its security operations center (SOC) provides complete security coverage of the internal vehicle system and V2X communications, the core technology allowing for seamless autonomous driving. By actively detecting and preventing unwanted access, AUTOCRYPT offerings ensure a secure vehicular environment for electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles.
SHIELD focuses on research and innovation of automotive cybersecurity technology as well as education and training for students and corporations in order to raise awareness for the need to prioritize cybersecurity preparedness. “The goals of SHIELD and AUTOCRYPT align together exceptionally well,” said AUTOCRYPT’s Director of Business Development, Sean HJ Cho. He continued, “This partnership will allow us to work more closely with the connected and autonomous vehicle security landscape in Canada, as the country advances in cutting-edge technologies for electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles and begins to implement necessary changes following the UNECE’s WP.29 regulations. Our existing technology and real-world use cases will allow us to contribute to the shift that needs to take place in the minds of both corporations and consumers: that security should not be taken for granted, and vehicles and mobility infrastructure need to be secured before drivers hit the road.”
The partnership with SHIELD follows AUTOCRYPT’s recent expansion into the North America region with the opening of its first North American office in Toronto. The company most recently raised M USD in its Series A funding. For more information regarding AUTOCRYPT offerings or partnerships, contact global@autocrypt.io.
Jun 3 2021
Press release

Mobility data security company AutoCrypt becomes latest ITF Corporate Partner

Date: 03 June 2021 04:27

End: 04 June 2021 04:27

Korean transport security technology firm AutoCrypt has joined the Corporate Partnership Board of the International Transport Forum (ITF). As an ITF corporate partner, AutoCrypt will bring their expertise to ITF work on intelligent transport systems, digitalisation and safety.
AutoCrypt is a mobility security provider dedicated to the safety of future transportation. Founded in 2007 as an in-house venture of former ITF corporate partner Penta Security Systems, AutoCrypt became a separate entity in 2019 as its presence expanded worldwide.
Recognised by industry new platform TU-Automotive as the Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Solution of 2019 and a finalist for Automotive Tech Company of the Year 2020, AutoCrypt provides core security components to protect the communication of connected vehicles and in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) more broadly.

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