Aalborg Stevedore Company A/S

Landdybet 10, bygning 83
9220 Aalborg Øst

Company Summary

Aalborg Stevedore Company (ASC) offers unloading and loading of cargo on the
port of Aalborg.
Storage solutions are also one of our core competencies.

We are also ready to offer solutions outside Aalborg.

ASC offers loading and unloading of all types of goods on the port of Aalborg.
We have a solution whether it is about Ro/Ro goods, containers, windmills, wooden
products, cooling and freezing goods, corn and feeding material, offshore equipment,
groupage or more complicated projects.

One of ASC's most important task is unloading and loading of dry bulk like:
- Corn and feeding material
- Pulp
- Chippings
- Tile
- Sphagnum
- Salt

The windmill industry has become very important to ASC.
Our terminal employees are very experienced when it comes to project cargo,
while always keeping security as the biggest priority.
We are - among others - able to handle:
- Windmill towers
- Nacelles
- Windmill wings
- Monopiles
- TP's
- Constructions

ASC has over 16.000 squaremeters of storage space. All of it is located in an area close to the docks.
Placement of our storage units creates a unique possibility to combine transports on water and land.

With a varied park of machines we can offer heavy lifts up to 15 tons and container lifts.


- Outsourcing of stock changes fixed costs to variable costs.
- No administration of storage staff.
- Competetive pricing.

- Short or long time storage.
- Pick and expedition.
- Packing/loading/unloading of containers.

General Information

  • Year established


  • Corporate capital

    500,000 DKK

  • Type of company

    Head Office

  • VAT

    DK 15827084

  • Fax

    +45 98 13 53 01

  • Website



  • Jyske Bank

Key figures


  • Company

    19 Employees


  • 2015

    17,814,000 DKK

  • 2014

    20,850,000 DKK

  • 2013

    21,790,000 DKK


Executive information

  • Per Nielsen

    Manager (Direktion)

  • Claus Kim Holstein Nielsen

    Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

  • Jesper Balthazar-Christensen

    Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

  • Niels Clemensen

    Director (Bestyrelsesmedlem)

  • Jens Frederik Ilsø

    Admin/Finance Director/Manager (Økonomi)

  • Per Nielsen

    Purchasing Director/Manager (Indkøb)

  • Per Nielsen

    Purchasing Director/Manager (Indkøb)

  • Per Nielsen

    Shipment Manager (Spedition)

  • Per Nielsen

    Production Director/Manager (Produktion)