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ISME, the Irish SME Association, is the only independent representative association for Small and Medium Enterprises and currently has in excess of 10,500 members nationwide. Uniquely in Ireland, ISME is independent of big business, big banks and government and gives voice to the issues facing SME owner-managers.ISME is owned, funded and managed by SME owner-managers, representing the sector through its Members. Therefore, we can rightly claim to be the true independent voice of the Irish SME. ISME is a not-for-profit membership organisation whose National Council is made up of elected owner-managers of SMEs from all over Ireland and from a variety of sectors.We exist to support SME owner-managers by lobbying on their behalf, providing advice and information, and offering discounts on products and services through our ADVANTAGE - Affinity programme. ISME also provides a number of opportunities for business networking through events and training. We promote and give our members opportunities to work together via the Members Area of the website, and to work with other businesses through advertising and publicity on the ISME website, publications and digital channels.The tax-deductible membership is a cost-effective way for SME owner-managers to network with like-minded business people and to be continually updated on issues that impact on their business.The mission of ISME, the independent organisation for the Irish Small & Medium business sector, is to:· To represent the best of what is best in the SME sector· To anticipate and decisively articulate the needs of the sector· To be vigilant, decisive, and direct in defending the interests of all small and medium businesses· To be beholden to no interests, other than the members· To ensure that what is urgent does not detract from what is important to the members· To help Members better manage their business through the provision of accurate, timely and pertinent information· To drive down members costs through the co-ordinated strength of the sectorJoin ISME -

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